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Long Ago Sports Trivia And A Couple of Tidbits

By John Ventola

Sports history and athletes that helped make it has always fascinated me. While everyone recognizes Michael Jordan as an all-time basketball great, Babe Ruth as a baseball icon, and Peyton Manning as a great football quarterback, I always tried to take notice of the team role players that helped the great athletes achieve their stardom. These support guys, often overlooked, play key roles in the sports trivia arena. I can remember sitting around with fellow journalism students years ago and playing challenging sports trivia games. Regular trivia was exciting, but guys who would go on to cover sports and write for the Times-Picayune, The Morning Advocate, and the Knoxville Sentinel would take the sports version to a whole new level. Many a sandwich, beer, and coffee were enjoyed as we all strove to come up with the stumper. Long before cell phones, and before the internet, the answers had to reside within one’s sports memory bank. On the spot sports knowledge. Continue reading