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Win For Mike VI


John Ventola

While watching former and current LSU players come down Victory Hill two weeks ago before the Missouri game I spotted a couple of middle-aged guys jockeying for position to get a better view. Eager as they were, they were not making much headway toward the guardrails that separate the fans and players. I noticed their Mizzou shirts, and motioned for them to join my friend and I and sit on the wall near the journalism building, explaining we could stand and see everything—and everybody—when the players and band approached. Continue reading

LSU In For Long Season


Lackluster Offense And Sideline Incompetency Doom Tigers Again

By John Ventola

Reversal of good fortune? Nah, just lady luck evening up some things with embattled LSU coach Les Miles. Continue reading

Oh, Danny Boy!


Tiger Fans Can Expect Miles To Vacillate On QB Decision

Bags are packed, early flight to Chicago early today and then van-time with other Louisianans as we go to South Bend, Indiana for a Notre Dame football game. Saturday night’s ND-Michigan State matchup marks my fifteenth game on the storied campus. Most of our travel group have been multiple times also. Continue reading

Miles Could Be Headed For Another Interesting Thanksgiving


Tigers Unimpressive In Season Opener

By John Ventola

For years good days in my hometown Baton Rouge coincided with LSU football success. At least that is the way I felt as a youngster and as a student at the university. That feeling only intensified when my dad handed over the family’s two season tickets (17 years at that point) upon my graduation. Forty-six years later (yeah, Ventola family now in 63rd year as season ticket holders), LSU victories and championships make life good and more tolerable, but are no longer essential. Continue reading

LSU Needs To Go Back To The Drawing Board


Time To Realize That Tigers Not Very Good

By John Ventola

Surprisingly, Ronda Rousey took a brutal kick to the face Saturday night. In what is turning into not that big of a surprise, LSU’s footballers got their stripped backsides kicked for the second consecutive week by an SEC opponent, losing meekly to four-loss Arkansas, 31-14. The “in your face” Razorbacks beat down was slower, although just as lethal. A first half knockdown was followed by late game domination to overcome a brief Tigers comeback. Continue reading

LSU And Bama To Use Bye Week To Heal And Prepare


Secondary Adjustments Need To Be Made

By John Ventola

For the second straight week, LSU and the New Orleans Saints both won their games despite sloppy secondary performances. Whereas Tiger defensive backs were exploited this week because of coverage confusion and “let downs”, New Orleans gave up two touchdowns by way of “fall downs”, and one by letting a receiver loose for an uncovered stroll into the end zone. Continue reading

LSU Grounds The Gamecocks With Guice And Fournette


LSU Wins As Visitor In Tiger Stadium

By John Ventola

LSU came up special this week. The university stepped up and came to the aid of a fellow conference institution in trouble, agreeing to use Tiger Stadium for its SEC tilt with the University of South Carolina, a school that saw its hometown of Columbia ravaged by flooding earlier in the week. Special arrangements were worked out between university officials of the two schools, LSU assuming the visitor role, agreeing to pay USC the game revenue, and making concessions (pun intended) that much of the money made on drinks and food would go to support South Carolina’s recovery.

Everything was special Saturday for LSU—everything but special teams.

The seventh-ranked Tigers used a punishing rushing attack to defeat the Gamecocks

Lenord F

Fournette 87-yard Touchdown Sparks Tigers

45-24, and send Coach Steve Spurrier’s squad to its fourth straight SEC loss of the year. LSU improved its record to 5-0, 3-0 in the SEC. South Carolina is now 2-4 overall.

While LSU ran for 396 yards in 54 attempts, South Carolina was able to stay in the game for almost three quarters because of sloppy special team play by the Tigers. Rashad Fenton returned a kickoff for 96 yards for a touchdown after short kickoffs earlier gave USC good field position. LSU has been weak on kickoff and punt coverage throughout the season, and needs to get this part of its game strengthened before facing its remaining SEC opponents.

Heisman Trophy candidate Leonard Fournette ran for 158 yards on 20 carries, giving the Tigers some breathing room on the second play of the third quarter with an 87-yard touchdown jaunt. Fournette’s score, his twelfth of the season, gave the Tigers a 24-10 lead. Fournette’s rushing yardage puts him at 1,022 yards for the campaign, the fifth highest total in FBS history for the first five games of a season.

To show LSU’s superiority on the ground Saturday, freshman Derrius Guice gained 161 yards on 16 carries, and Darrell Williams rushed for 61 yards in 10 rushing attempts


Guice Williams And Harris Contribute To 600-Yard Offensive Performance

. Carolina gained only 74 yards rushing for the game.

Quarterback Brandon Harris showed continued improvement by completing 18 of 28 passes for 228 touchdowns and two touchdowns. Travis Dural caught four passes for 109 yards, while Malachi Dupre had six receptions for 74 yards.

The 600-yard plus offensive effort more than made up for the special team mistakes and secondary breakdowns by the Tigers. South Carolina passed for 209 yards and two touchdowns. There is no bigger proponent of the intricate passing game than Spurrier, so overall the Tigers effort on the defensive side of the ball Saturday can be called a success.

With unbeaten Florida coming to Tiger Stadium next week, and SEC foes Ole Miss, Alabama, and Texas A & M waiting down the road, Coach Les Miles and his staff will have to tighten up some areas to avoid a late season swoon. Miles has a tendency of bringing at least one team a year into a game “flat”, or unprepared (Arkansas 17, LSU 0 last year).

This young team is talented, but it has shown a tendency to let up in focus and effort at


Tigers Will Have To Address Weaknesses Before Facing Remaining SEC Schedule

times (Syracuse, Eastern Michigan, and sometimes Saturday). For this team to get to the four team College Football Playoff,  Miles will have to keep every player focused for each remaining game.

Fournette is easily the best running back I have seen wear the Purple and Gold in my sixty years of watching LSU football. He has amazing speed and power to go with an elusive running style. As I have written in other blogs, he is in the same class as Hershel Walker and Bo Jackson. Walker, Jackson, and Fournette are the three best backs in SEC history.

Fournette’s kind gesture of offering his game jersey (“as is”) to be raffled off for the relief efforts to help South Carolina flood victims was noble, but not thought out well. While Fournette was speaking from the heart in his post-game comments to a reporter, he should have run his idea past LSU officials before making such a statement.

All of the players are made familiar with certain NCAA rules that prohibit such a thing. School compliance officials meet with them regularly to make sure they understand what can be considered NCAA infractions. I am sure there was some quick action by


Fournette’s Post Game Gesture Genuine But Not Thought Out Well

LSU officials once the word spread in the LSU locker room about Fournette’s announcement. (I was stunned by his announcement and thought immediately it would raise some NCAA flags.)

Immediately after the game there was a lot of conjecture on whether or not Fournette had NCAA approval before he read his typed statement. Many said yes, some said no. I was originally in the “no” category, but began to doubt myself when I realized the statement could have been pre-approved and actually typed by an LSU official—-after all it is for a tremendous cause, and I am sure LSU and Fournette would agree they would not get any of the proceeds.

LSU officials acted quickly, as I originally said, and surely made an agreement that the jersey would be handled in such a manner with the NCAA. The NCAA then agreed that No. 7 could be raffled, but not before Fournette was sat down for a talk by Miles and others, I would think.

“Because of the situation, I think it’s possible it could get approval from the different agencies involved with this to donate the funds raised from auctioning his jersey to the relief fund,” said LSU senior associate athletic director Miriam Segar, the school’s former compliance coordinator. “I think it’s a possibility. We just need to make sure we do everything correctly so we can protect Leonard’s amateurism.”

Segar said LSU administrators appreciated Fournette’s offer, but said he did not consult the school’s compliance staff before making his announcement.

Fournette is getting a lot of attention, and all of the acclaim is well deserved. This blogger hopes he himself stays focused and keeps his mind on football. The Tigers will need him running at full throttle in the coming weeks.

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Saints And LSU In Need Of Immediate Improvement


Louisiana Realizing This Could Be Long Football Season

By John Ventola

There is no amount of gumbo that can erase the bad taste from the mouths of south Louisiana football fans as they have agonizingly watched the New Orleans Saints put on four sub-par performances to open the season, and LSU fail miserably in its second real challenge of the year. It has been a tough September in the Bayou State, and the outlook for improvement of the two teams is hazy at best. Continue reading